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We are a young innovative and 100 % wheat-free and gluten-free bakery from Austria. We have dedicated our selves to inspiring the market with extraordinary products. Our company was founded in January 2016 based on the idea that gluten-free bread and rolls must taste delicious and should not cost more than organic products.

In mid-2018 we moved into our new bakery in Ebreichsdorf (Lower Austria) 15 km from Vienna’s city limits. Using state-of-the-art machines and a team of 18 diligent employees, we produce 100 % gluten-free and wheat-free bread, rolls and confectionery in accordance with the highest quality standards of the food industry.

Barbara und Felix Eichinger


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Gluten-free products must taste just like regular bread and rolls

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Our bread must not cost more than an organic product

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We only use premium ingredients Gluten-free by nature
and entirely without gluten-free wheat starch